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Welcome to Casa Mora-Viraf

CASA MORA VIRAF, SOCIETAT LIMITADA was funded in 1988. It was born after acquiring the firm Sucesores de PEDRO MORA, a familiar firm funded by PEDRO MORA which made wood toys and games. At that time, the name of PEDRO MORA was recognised by many people around Spain due to the fact that it had achieved a place in the market. In honour of PEDRO MORA and his effort, we maintain the name of MORA to constitute our firm.

That name, at the beginning, let us enter more easily to the toys market. With effort and dedication, we get the customers confidence and the point that our name were known and appreciated everywhere.
Nowadays, the name of CASA MORA VIRAF is present in shops and toy’s distribution companies. We offer a huge selection of products, all of them related with the wooden toys world.
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